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by Angela Davis on April 21, 2012

This is just a funny picture of my boys partying like crazy at bedtime (every time I would say, “Say Cheese,” Matthew would bring his camera to his face and say, “Cheese!”). Any other kids magically turn into hilarious angels 15 minutes before bedtime? (I’m not sure where Audrey was at this time — probably quietly drawing on her dry eraser board or some other 8-year-old girl activity.)

And these two stinkers practically gave me a heart attack yesterday. Kate dropped her kids off and everyone was playing right outside our apartment window. Right as I was shoving cookie dough into my mouth, Willy (Buzz Lightyear) came in and said, “The little boys are gone.”

Wouldn’t you know that Sam & Matthew made it to the complex mailboxes, by themselves, in less than one minute (it’s quite a walk to the mailboxes)? It takes Matthew five minutes to find something touching his foot when I’m around.

When we found them, they were happily opening and closing the mailboxes, as if they hadn’t disobeyed at all. The problem is that they are so darn cute together. I honestly think two-year-old boys might be the most adorable things in all of creation.

I have a few more Strategic Couponing Classes scheduled for the Portland Metro area this spring and the next one is Monday evening at Milwaukie High School at 6:30. This is a beginning couponing class and will focus on using coupons and other savings strategies to significantly reduce your grocery bill. We will also discuss the basics of menu planning, stockpiling and looking outside the typical grocery store to save big on feeding your family.

Go here for more details and to register.

Here’s a short list of posts that I have enjoyed around the internet during the past week:


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jenny g April 21, 2012 at 9:23 pm

30 Meals in 30 Minutes is not working. Love all the other articles–thank you!


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