Coupons for Soldiers donation program

Ever wondered what to do with all those expiring or expired manufacturer’s coupons? Military personnel living overseas can redeem manufacturer’s coupons up to six months past the expiration date at on-base stores.

All you have to do is organize your expired or expiring manufacturer’s coupons according to the specifications outlined below and mail them off!

In an effort to be a blessing and not a burden to the dedicated folks distributing the coupons, please prepare your coupons exactly as outlined below.

Only send manufacturer’s coupons, NOT store coupons. Look to the left of the coupon’s expiration date — it will state “Manufacturer’s Coupon” and not “Store Coupon” or “Target Coupon.” Internet printables, tearpads, blinkies, etc. are all acceptable, as long as it’s a “Manufacturer’s Coupon.”

Send current coupons or those that have expired less than two months ago. We want to make sure the shoppers have plenty of time to redeem the coupons and organizers aren’t spending time weeding out coupons that won’t work.

Clip all coupons. DO NOT send full sheets.

Organize your coupons into “Food” and “Non-Food” piles and put each group into a baggie that can close (“Food” is that which humans eat or drink; “Non-Food” is everything else). Be sure to label the baggie clearly. Do not use paper clips, rubber bands or staple them together.

Place your coupons in a regular mailing envelope (for small batches) or a Priority Mail package (for larger batches). The flat rate boxes might be the most affordable way to send your package if you are sending a large quantity or teaming up with other couponers.

Please include your email address in the envelope so our contact can email you that she received the coupons.

Fill out Customs Form 2976-A if you are sending a larger package and attach it to the outside of the mailer (the USPS requires this form when sending a package directly to an overseas base). This form is available at your local post office or you can order between 10-50 forms for free here. The forms are mailed to your home in 7-10 days. The customs form is NOT necessary for regular-sized envelopes.

Here’s how to fill out the customs form:

  • From: Your name
  • To: Cara Kaiser
  • Description: Manufacturer’s Coupons
  • 2: Pkg
  • 4: $0.00
  • 5: Gift
  • 9: $0.00
  • 10: Return to Sender
  • 13: Sign your name & date

We currently do not have a contact to mails coupons to. Please check out this site for current programs.

Much of the shipping information was taken from the Overseas Coupon Program website.

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