Most questions can be answered at our Start Here page and in our Ultimate Guide to Couponing in the Northwest series.

What does _____ mean?
Find a complete list of couponing acronyms here.

Why didn’t I get a particular coupon in my Sunday newspaper?
Each newspaper receives slightly different Sunday coupon inserts which contain different coupons and for different values. In this Sunday’s paper, The Oregonian may receive a $1/1 Quaker cereal coupon, the Tacoma News Tribune may get a $.75/2 Quaker cereal coupon and the Salem Statesman-Journal may not get a Quaker cereal coupon at all. Manufacturers have limited marketing dollars and they release coupons in a way that they believe to help them best market the product. For this reason, we may list a coupon that you did not receive or the value may be different.

When we are aware of a coupon discrepancy, we do our best to share that with you, but we cannot list every coupon option because we don’t have each paper’s insert in our homes.

As for printable coupons, we do our best to make sure each link is working correctly and is correctly matched with the appropriate product. Sometimes a coupon will have reached the print limit by the time you try to print it and sometimes there are exclusions or specifics listed on the paper coupon that is not visible from the web.

What are Catalinas?
Great question! Find out everything you need to know about Catalinas here.

My Catalina did not print. What should I do?
Don’t bother with your store’s customer service. In many cases, they don’t even know that a promotion is running.

You need to contact the Catalina company directly. Make sure you have your receipt with you. If you indeed purchased the correct items and did the transaction the way it was supposed to be completed, they will mail you a Catalina.

888-322-3814 or coupon@catalinamarketing.com

What stores in the Pacific Northwest double manufacturer’s coupons?
Safeway’s in Oregon and SW Washington double the face value up to 4 manufacturer’s coupons up to $.50 each per transaction. The double coupon is located in the inside page of Safeway’s weekly ad that is available starting Wednesday in the store. Puget Sound, Eastern Washington and Idaho Safeway’s do not offer double coupons.

Albertsons in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho periodically offer double coupons (technically “Twice the Value” coupons). These double coupons will double the face value of up to 3 manufacturer’s coupons up to $1 each per transaction. Albertsons double coupons are released sporadically and are valid for three days.

How can I get multiple Sunday papers? What paper is the best to buy for coupons?
If you live in the Portland Metro area, attend a FREE online coupon class and get an amazing deal on a multiple Sunday Oregonian subscription! Seriously, it’s an amazing deal. If you live in the Puget Sound area, check out our multiple subscription offer from the Tacoma News Tribune and The Olympian.

I can’t print a particular coupon. What should I do?
Most of the time you can solve this problem by switching your browser. If you’re in Firefox, copy & paste the link in Internet Explorer. Do it the other way around if you’re having problems in IE.

How should I organize my coupons?
I strongly suggest you start (and probably) end with organizing your inserts whole. You can also use The Couponizer. If you’re looking to go hardcore and have tons of coupons, check out the box method. Here’s a list of suggested categories.

Can you come and teach our group about couponing, saving money, living frugally?
I wish I could accomodate all teaching requests, but I have a growing family with four little ones and a husband who likes to be around me. I do offer online classes to accommodate as many people as possible.

If your church or organization is interested in reaching your local community and would like to host a class, please contact Angela at frugallivingonline [at] gmail [dot] com.

I am available for speaking engagements (MOPS, school groups, etc). Please contact me to discuss topics, dates and my speaking fee.

Why did you delete my comment?
Saving money, couponing and living frugally is supposed to be fun. We will delete comments that are particularly stinky, stated just to offend or be mean, obviously an advertisement or one that includes your affiliate or referral link (tacky!). Play nice and please don’t use our site to push your business, deal or money-making scheme.

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