Northwest Regional Coupon Database

Use this database to find exactly which manufacturer’s coupons were released in your local paper. Right now, we have the coupons listed from The Oregonian, The Tacoma News Tribune The Seattle Times and The Everett Herald. Search for printable and nationally released manufacturer’s coupons here.

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When I use the print friendly, only a screen shot prints, not the database. When I do a PDF, only the header is visible, not the coupons. Thanks for any help.

Hmmm – I’m on Google Chrome. It’s not working.
Do you know if I need to install anything in order for it to work?

This is a late response to your question, but I use Google Chrome too. If you click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen (the one that looks like a wrench) you should be able to scroll down to where it says, “Find.” If you click that you can type in any keyword you want to search for.

The print friendly is just giving me a screen shot of this page. Is it supposed to do this or is it supposed to print just the regional list of coupons (which is what I am trying to do)? Thanks for all your hard work, I love your site.