Safeway: No longer accepting Cellfire eCoupons and why I’m not ready to bail on Safeway yet

by Angela Davis on November 8, 2010

I’m sure many of you have received the email from Cellfire:

We have an important change to the Cellfire service that will affect your membership. Starting today, Thursday, Nov. 4th, Cellfire will no longer offer our coupons for use at Safeway. Safeway has decided to discontinue use of Cellfire’s save-to-card services. If you currently have Cellfire coupons saved to your Safeway card they will continue to be redeemable until their expiration date.

So, looks like the fun is over. Well, at least some of the fun. Most of us knew that the amazing eCoupon deals would change or be pulled at some point; I just wish they would have let me down easy as opposed to all at once!

But I am certainly not giving up on doing deals at Safeway. In fact, when I started my couponing journey almost three years ago, there were no eCoupons and I was still scoring huge deals. So, we’re just going to play Safeway 2008 style — just manufacturer’s coupons, store coupons, store promotions and double coupons.

But wait! Safeway is supposed to be rolling out a more robust and exciting eCoupon program directly from called Just 4 U. I am hoping that this program will add a little spice to our game and help us to get some great deals from Safeway.

If the folks at Safeway are reading this post, I would LOVE to talk to you about the Just 4 U program so my readers can be informed consumers — ready to follow the rules and bring you more business!

And I still heart Cellfire — I will continue to let you know when new Cellfire eCoupons are available to load to your Fred Meyer Rewards Card and QFC Advantage Card. And you know how much fun QFC has been lately.

We will work hard to find ways to turn our beloved Cellfire eCoupons in to more deals at Fred Meyer and QFC.

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Dina November 9, 2010 at 10:00 am

I had a paper coupon that was better than the loaded one on the new just 4u. The cashier would not take my paper coupon because she said there was no way to take off my ecoupon. I understand that we cannot use paper and ecoupons together anymore but now I am hesistant to load any ecoupons because if I come accross a higher value paper coupon… I can’t use it. Is this the case?
Can we still ecoupon and paper coupon at Fred Meyer? or is that beeping now also?


ruthann November 8, 2010 at 8:04 pm

there appears to be no way to view the coupons still remaining on the safeway card through cellfire, is that correct?
would’ve been nice to see which ones I still had on there to use up before they expired.


Twin Mom November 8, 2010 at 5:40 pm

I went this weekend and had 4 errors on one receipt.

1) My Cheerios rang up at $1.38 which wasn’t even the store coupon price.
2) My raisin bread store coupon showed that it scanned but $0.51 didn’t come off so I paid $1.50 instead of the store coupon $0.99.
3) The Safeway mixed vegetables were $0.99 with store coupon but the peas and carrots (also $1.25 without store coupon) rang up at $1.25 instead of $0.99. Probably someone forgot to add them to the database.
4) My Cheerios e-coupon didn’t come off. And without paper coupons to show they exist, I have no recourse, even if I wanted to stand in line at the unstaffed customer service desk.

Overall, I’m disappointed in the implementation and problems logging into Just 4 U. Safeway needs to get its act together. When I e-mail, they don’t even seem to forward the e-mails to the store so the store knows about the problem.


charolyn November 8, 2010 at 5:07 pm

I signed up for the new Safeway program (think it was this one) & was able to load their ecoupons-which looked similar to the ones we have gotten before from the other companies.
What I’m not clear on is whether it has started in my area yet or not-so I am watching for any word on this!
I will check out the supercoupons Jenny mentioned above-this could eliminate the debate about whether the $10 requirement is before or after coupons! as the checkers won’t be the ones deciding. Hope it works before coupons!


Jenny November 8, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Do you know if this applies to Shortcuts too? Also, even if Just for U isn’t up in your area (isn’t in mine), you can still take advantage of Safeway’s coupon database…and they just started putting their supercoupons (store coupons) in that database…no more clipping the coupons and losing them in the store! I have to admit the database has improved. I tried this this last weekend and it worked fine. I just made sure i checked it against my receipt.


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