Walmart Coupon Policy

Walmart now has a published, corporate wide coupon policy. Here are the highlights:

  • There is no limit on the number of coupons redeemed per transaction
  • If the coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward other items in the transaction
  • The register will prompt the cashier to get supervisor verification for 40+ coupons in one transaction, a coupon valued at $10+ or $50+ in coupons in one transaction.

Walmart will accept the following coupons:

  • Manufacturer’s coupons
  • Internet printable coupons
  • Competitor’s coupons that list a specific price, including a BOGO coupon that lists a specific price — for example, you can use a Safeway coupon for $.99 Fruit Snacks.
  • Catalina coupons printed from other stores as long as they are clearly labeled “Manufacturer’s Coupon”– for example, you can use a “$1 off Minute Maid” catalina coupon that printed at Fred Meyer

Walmart will not accept the following coupons:

  • Internet printable coupons for a free product (no purchase required) — you can use a “FREE” product coupon from the Sunday newspaper or one that is mailed to you by the manufacturer.

  • Competitor’s coupons for a certain $ amount or percentage off, BOGO with no specified price or double coupons — for example, you cannot use a “$2 off Fruit Snacks” Safeway coupon, the $10 off $50 Safeway Food Day coupon or a Safeway or Albertsons double coupon.

  • Catalina coupons for a certain $ amount or percentage off — they will not accept a Walgreens Register Rewards or a “$4 off your next purchase” catalina from Albertsons, Safeway or Fred Meyer.

There are other elements of the policy, but they are fairly standard. I strongly suggest you print this policy and keep it in your coupon box/binder and bust it out if you run into problems. If you’re not one to “test the waters” and don’t like confrontation, you should wait a few weeks for this policy to be introduced to your store’s cashiers and managers by more gutsy couponers.

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