What’s for dinner? This week’s menu plan (9/17)

by Kate from Frugal Living NW on September 17, 2012

Time to get back on the meal planning band wagon. I’m toying with the idea of doing month long meal planning and select freezer cooking days. Especially for breakfast foods as our mornings are quick now before school. But first, I’m just going to start planning my dinners and this week is a no-oven week as it’s still summer here in the PNW.

Here’s what’s for dinner at my house this week:

Monday Orange Chicken with broccoli & rice (If you’re short on time, buy some already made chicken strips. Cut them up and throw in a pan with a little oil until heated. Then add the sauce.)

Tuesday — Homemade Egg McMuffins with Bacon & shredded potatoes

Wednesday — Nachos with Emily’s Crockpot Beans

Thursday — Dinner Club with friends

Friday — Teryaki chicken with Udon noodles & Broccoli (I’ve been roasting whole chickens and saving the meat in meal sized portions in the freezer)

Saturday — Hot dogs and Mac & Cheese (Daddy’s out of town!)

Sunday — Corn Dog Muffins — No recipe. But I have alot of hot dogs from the Safeway deal a few weeks ago. Just mix up your favorite corn bread, pour into muffin tins (lined). Cut up hot dogs in thirds and place one piece in each muffin. Bake 400 for 15 minutes until golden brown. So easy and can be frozen too. *I know I said no ovens. I’m really hoping that by Saturday the temps dip down into the 70’s.

Other things I’ll be making this week:

What are you making for dinner this week? Be sure to leave a link to any fun recipes in the comments!

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Bethany September 19, 2012 at 10:55 pm

Other than leftovers on Sunday and Taco Tuesday, I don’t assign meals to specific days and I do a two-ish week menu, but here’s what we’ve got on tap these days.

* leftovers x2
* tacos x2
* new soup recipe/toast
* tomato pasta
* BLTs/carrots
* quinoa apple & almond salad
* Jen’s chicken (from the freezer)/rice/salad
* honey curried chickpeas (crockpot, from the freezer)/rice/cranberry spinach salad
* vegetable barley soup/toast
* dinner with friends
* zucchini grinders on English muffins/carrots
* Mediterranean black bean salad/rice
* lentil bean chili

Hmmmm … the links didn’t copy. You can go here to get links, if you want them. :)



Veronica September 17, 2012 at 2:59 pm

I made corn dog muffins the other week. They are even better with corn kernels, green chilies, and shredded cheese added to the batter! My husband liked them topped with chili too. I cut up the pieces of hot dog more and then mixed those in the batter too – they turned out mostly distributed.


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