Zaycon: Bacon & ham for just $3.29 per pound (deliveries coming to Oregon, Washington, Idaho in November)

by Angela Davis on October 17, 2012

Zaycon is at it again with another sale — this time it’s their famous bacon and ham!

Zaycon Foods, a Northwest company that sells larger quantity boxes of fresh meat and vegetables at a volume discount, is coming to the Oregon, Washington and Idaho area in November delivering bacon and ham!

Zaycon is coming to these Oregon & SW Washington cities this time around: Oregon City, McMinnville, Salem, Albany, St Helens, Elma, Rochester, Kelso, Vancouver, Eugene, Bend, Hillsboro, Tigard, Portland, Gresham, The Dallas, Hermiston. There are also tons of cities in Washington and Idaho.

Go here to create your Zaycon account, view delivery options and to purchase your bacon and/or ham!

Here’s the skinny:

Hickory Smoked Bacon @ $3.29 per pound (30 lbs) = $98.70
(4) 7.5 pound bags

Carve Master Boneless Smoked Ham @ 3.29 per pound (20 lbs) = $65.80
(2) 10 pound hams

You purchase the full box of bacon or ham (smaller quantities are not available — consider splitting with someone if you don’t want the full box).

We purchased a case of bacon the last time Zaycon delivered and are very pleased with it. The bacon was easy to cut and divide into meal-sized portion bags and freeze (you get (4) 7.5 pound bags of bacon) or split with friends.

Ready to check it out? Just head to Zaycon, create an account and select your preferred delivery locations (I selected a number of Portland area spots since I’d be willing to drive a bit in case the closest location’s delivery date/time isn’t convenient for me) and then purchase your chicken! Your debit/credit card will be charged now, but the meat will be delivered in November (see the website for specific locations and delivery times).

You can still order boneless, skinless chicken breast at just $1.69 per pound from Zaycon — ordering for the end of October delivery closes soon!

For those of you who are new to Zaycon, you will go to the delivery location at the specified time, roll through the parking lot and pick up your boxes of meat. You don’t have to leave your car. Good Morning America did a nice piece on them last week!

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Hally October 17, 2012 at 10:30 pm

I’m just curious if the $3.29 per pound is a good price for the Ham? I really don’t know what a good price point for ham is and my family eats a lot of ham so it would be good to know πŸ˜‰


Miguel Yorba October 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Many supermarkets will sell ham at a loss during Easter for around $2 lb to attract customers. But a typical retail store boneless ham last year went for about $3.99 lb or more. I think Carvemaster hams are produced by Farmland Foods, a large pork producer. The ham is applewood smoked, I believe, and very good quality. Pork prices continue to rise, so a $3.29lb price for this kind of quality is very good. I only know this because I worked retail grocery for 36 years.


Hally October 20, 2012 at 10:39 pm

Great thank you so much for your response Miguel. I think I will do this deal then because we eat a lot of ham in our house and I prefer the better quality stuff πŸ˜‰


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