Dutch Oven Replacement Knobs

by Emily from Frugal Living NW on December 12, 2012

Dutch Oven Replacement Knobs

My undying love for all things Dutch oven is no secret around here. Over the last 2-3 years, Dutch ovens of all shapes and sizes have become easier to find and cheaper to buy.

If you own any Dutch oven with a knob rated for high oven heat or Lodge’s loop handled Dutch oven (which is still a great buy!), you obviously have no need for knobs, replacement or otherwise. However, if you own a Dutch oven with a knob that is not rated for high heat (like this one pictured), a replacement knob is a great option. I am planning to purchase one to go on this pot. It was originally purchased at Target years ago and is sporting some type of plastic composite knob. I don’t trust it to stand up to high heat (425-450 degrees) so I cover it with foil before sliding it into the oven. Not only does this not look so great, but it makes handling a piping hot pot more difficult.

In Jim Lahey’s book, My Bread, he writes about a number of cooking supply stores reporting a run of petty thefts on replacement knobs shortly after his Basic No-Knead Bread recipe was first published. They assumed people were replacing their ruined ones after trying his recipe. Shoplifting will be prosecuted! There’s no way I’m getting a criminal record over a knob.

Lodge carries this inexpensive Stainless Steel Replacement Knob that works on enamel or glass Dutch ovens from different manufacturers. If you are going for the swanky Le Creuset look, you could pay a bit more for their replacement knob options. Just make sure it can handle temperatures around 450 degrees.

Amazon has these Lodge Stainless Steel Replacement Knobs in stock and ready to ship!

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Li B December 12, 2012 at 3:25 pm

I had no idea the Le Creuset was swanky. (My husband chose and installed the knob for me) It is probably blushing ad infinitum as it sits atop my great-grandmother’s banged up dutch oven.


Emily December 12, 2012 at 5:18 pm

LC dutch ovens are super spendy, but I’d say your grandmother’s dutch oven is probably priceless… so it’s a perfect fit!


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